Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to 8th Grade Art

Mrs. Wille
Room 27
(562) 464-2345

2010/2011 Projects include;
Warm/Cool name tempera painting
Chuck Close inspired self-portrait (color pencil drawing)
Hand Value Pencil Drawing
Slab drape container
Bottle tissue paper collage
Name caricature drawing
Op Art drawing
Metal Embossed Bird
Manila Folder Animal Sculpture

Grading will be based on the following categories:

Folder: Consists of answering the review question on the board in your folder during the first few minutes of class. The folder will be checked every Friday in class and is worth 25 points every week.
Exploring Art Textbook: Consists of reading and answering questions (Check your Understanding) in class as it pertains to the projects. Each set of questions is worth 15 points.
Worksheets/Handouts/Quizzes: Completed in class will be worth 10 points each.

Projects: Consists of hands-on production including drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, and crafts. Each project is worth 100 points and is to be completed in class, where all materials are provided.

If you are absent:
-Daily assignments, such as folder questions, will be posted on the classroom calendar at the front of the room.
-It is your responsibility to make sure that all missing work is made up.
-Projects can only be worked on in the classroom, since this is where all the supplies and materials are kept, therefore attendance is extremely important.
-Make-up work can only be done before or after school.