Monday, August 18, 2014

Advanced Art warm up & homework drawing due 8/25/14

Advanced art students have two drawings due every Monday.
They are the warm up drawing and the homework drawing.
Both drawings will be assigned on Mondays and due the following Monday.
Both drawings need to be completed in the students' sketchbook and in color unless otherwise noted.

Advanced Art students will work on the week's warm up drawing during the first 5 minutes of class every day so that by the end of the week the drawing has been finished in class.
If a student does not finish they need to complete the drawing at home using this website as a reference.
The artist name, title of work, year completed and medium needs to be included in the lower right hand page of the sketchbook every week.

The homework drawing is to be completed at home in their sketchbook.
The homework drawing needs to be completed in color pencil (unless otherwise noted), fill the page and include a background.

Advanced Art warm up drawing due Monday, 8/25/14.
Piet Mondrian
Composition A
oil on canvas

Advanced Art homework drawing due Monday, 8/25/14.
Draw a rat, wearing a hat, on a mat with a bat.
Use color pencils, fill the page and include a background.